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Welcome to Godforests.

Godforests is a social enterprize which provides platform to people across the globe to plant trees online or gift trees online to their loved ones on special occasions to help the environment, rural communities and wildlife.
We at Godforests are dedicated and committed to plant a billion trees with your help, across the nation in the coming years to ensure a safe and green tomorrow
Centuries ago in a small tiny region called Coorg (Karnataka, India) the ancestors safeguarded certain patches of land around their habitats and left them untouched to its natural state without any sort of destruction in order to ensure that the ecosystem is not disturbed and wanted to protect them for their future generations.

These tiny patches of land known as Scared Grooves are called "DevaKad" in the local Kodava language (Deva means God and Kad means forests), hence the term Godforests
In Coorg there are more than one thousand of small grooves which still exisit (For details visit wikipedia - Scared groves of India)

We are a bunch of professionals at Team Godforests who want to create this same concept our ancestors created centuries ago in other parts of India and plant a billion trees across the nation

The need of the hour is to revoke the interest in the current generation to grow more trees and protect them for the betterment of mankind. We are so fortunate that our ancestors have left so much for us, likewise we wish to do the same for the future generations. Hence we the God Forests team have come up with " LETS GROW" trees initiative to make this planet greener and safer to lead a healthy and a prosperous life.

Now you can go ahead and plant trees online, we will plant them for you and take care of them. 





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