Frequently asked questions:

What does Godforests do? Godforests is a social enterprise which provides platform to people to help plant trees online to benefit environment, rural communities, wildlife, and also to fight global warming. At the convenience of your home/office or just anywhere you can plant trees with just a few clicks.

What will you receive for planting trees online at Godforests? A clean Air! A cooler planet! You will also receive an electronic-certificate, which will either be delivered to you or to the person you wish to gift.

On what occasion can you plant trees? You can plant trees on any occasion, like birthdays, anniversary, on a new job, in memory of a loved one, to offset carbon footprint. You can plant trees for yourselves, your family, friends or your loved ones, collegues; also as part of CSR activities.

Can planting tree be a good gifting idea? Yes, we promote planting trees instead of gifting flowers/bouqets. Since a tree planted can be there for a lifetime as against flowers which only last for days.

Where will the trees be planted? Generally we plant trees in community lands, public places, outskirts of national and reserve forests across India. We also distribute saplings to underprivileged rural communities to help them in their livelihood. This will help them in their day to day food and fodder to livestock.

Can I gift trees? Yes, you can either plant trees for yourself or gift it to your loved ones in remembrance of a special occasion.

How will I benefit by planting trees? You can benefit the society at large by planting trees, which will help safeguard the environment for our future generations to live in this planet.

When will the planting happen? The planting will happen in the beginning of the rainy season and will continue through out the rains. Generally between May to October every year.

Can I participate in the planting activities? Yes of course, you can participate in our planting activities. Please get in touch with us at planttrees@godforests.com for further details.

How will I come to know the location of the plant I have planted? We will send you an SMS and an email confirmation about the exact location of your plant.

What if the plant I have planted does not survive the summer? We will take utmost care to ensure that the plant is properly maintained, covered etc. In the case if the plant does not survive we will plant a new sapling totally at our cost.

Can I receive a hard copy of the certificate? No, we take utmost care in ensuring we reduce the use of paper in all our communications with our customers. Since it is directly linked to destructing our forests. In case you wish to have a hard copy, you are free to have a print of the e-certificate we send you and get it framed.

Did you know? That you need 17 fully grown trees to make one ton of paper!

Do I need to create an account to plant trees? No, you can plant trees without having an account

Can I gift trees or plant trees to many people simultaneously? Yes you can gift trees or plant trees simultaneously to many people at a time

Can I gift trees to my loved ones for a dedicated date in future? Yes you can plant a tree now, we will send out the e-certificates on the date mentioned by you to the mail id provided by you

What is the type of trees which are planted? We plant trees which are local to the region. We have all kinds of trees ranging from fruit bearing, flowering varities, medicinal plants, forestry plants from our nursery or from the local nurseries we deal with.

Is my personal information safe? Yes, your personal information is 100% safe. We don’t share any of your details with anybody. Please read our privacy policy for details.

My organization wants to associate/partner you for all the tree planting activities? Yes we will be happy to partner any organization interested in safeguarding the environment. Please send us an email at planttrees@godforests.com or call us on +91 98867 61062

My organization wants to plant trees for CSR activities? Yes we can help you by planting trees. Please contact us at planttrees@godforests.com

When will I receive my e-certificate? You will receive your e-certificate once the payment is confirmed. Usually it is within 24 hours. You will also be notified about the planting once the planting is completed during the monsoon season.

Where will I receive my e-certificate? You will receive your e-certificate on your email id provided to us. Also you will receive an SMS intimating the same.

When I gift trees to someone how will I receive the e-certificate? When you gift trees to your near and dear ones, you will be copied in the same mail. So both you and the recipient will receive the e-certificate.

Can I get a refund after a tree planting is completed? No we will not be in a position to arrange for a refund. 

Can I personalize the e-certificate that I wish to send? Yes, we can arrange to personalize the e-certificate. Please send us the details on our email id planttrees@godforests.com

Can I follow you on social media? Yes you can like us on our facebook page ‘Godforests’ to keep updated on all the various activities we do.

Do I always have to gift the tree? No you can always plant trees for yourself.

How will I be updated on all the planting activities where we can also participate? Like our facebook page ‘Godforests’ to get the next planting event near you area.

Will you arrange the logistics for the planting site? No, we cannot provide you the logistics for your visit. However we can guide you to the location.

Is Godforests a non-profit organization? No, we are not a non-profit organization; we are a social enterprise which works for the betterment of the society and help the environment to reduce global warming.

Can I select the type of tree I want to be planted? No, we want to make sure that we only plant local indigenous varities in that specific region.

Can I be linked to the tree I plant? At the moment No. we are working on linking the planted tree with the name of the planter. We will keep you updated.

Do I own the tree I plant? No, you will not own the tree you plant, neither does Godforests own them. We plant trees on community lands / public places / national forests or reserve forests. So the plant belongs to the community. We also distribute saplings to rural communities, which help them with fruits or fodder to livestock. This will ensure that they do not have to go to the forests for their daily firewood or fodder needs. So the forests can be left untouched.

How can I get involved? By planting more trees, by inviting your friends and family about this initiative, by informing us about any public or community place where we can plant more trees, by informing about any destruction caused to the trees to create more awareness.

Can I receive the sapling delivered at my home? No, Not at this moment. We are also working on enabling this service. Will keep you updated.

What are the benefits from trees to the environment? Can I know some basic facts about trees? Visit the section 'Why trees' in this webpage for details

I know about a community land or a public place where you can plant trees. Can I give you the details? Yes of course, we will be very happy to plant trees there. However please send us the details, we will study the location and the feasibility of the location and revert to you.

I live in a foreign country outside India, can I still plant trees? Yes of course, you can plant trees online from anywhere in the world. We will plant the trees in our projects across India.

My recipient has not received the certificate. Please Help! We make sure that it is delivered in the first attempt. We also send an SMS intimating the same. However if it is still gone undelivered, please intimate us by either mail or call us, we will be glad to help you.

What is carbon footprint? How can Godforests help you to offset your carbon footprint? "A carbon footprint is defined as "the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person". One of the ways to reduce the effects of carbon dioxide is by planting more trees.

Can I upload a picture on my e-certificate? Yes you can upload a picture of yourself or your loved ones.

I entered the wrong recipient email id when gifting trees. Help! Please email us at planttrees@godforests.com we will be glad to help you

I entered the wrong date, name or occasion. Help! Please email us at planttrees@godforests.com we will be glad to help you

How do you ensure that all the plants planted are safe or are alive? We conduct annual audits at our site to check the status of the plants. In the event we find that some of the plants have not survived due to various seasonal or environmental effects, we will replant it with a new plant totally at our cost. We conduct audits for 3 years till the plant is able to sustain itself. We can also share you the audit copy of the survey conducted. Please write to us at planttrees@godforests.com

 Do you have any other questions? Please call us on +91 9886761062 or email us at planttrees@godforests.com we will be glad to answer your queries.