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Gift trees online

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Rs. 100


Please note: : Planting saplings and maintaining will be completely taken care by Godforests

Enter the message and the name of the person you wish to gift the trees, the same will appear on the e-certificate. Also you can upload an image

Godforests is a social enterprize which provides platform to people across the globe to plant trees online to help environment, rural communities and wildlife.

 You will receive an e-certificate for your planting.

 You can gift trees on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, in memory of a loved one, on graduation, on getting a new job, welcoming a new family member, arrival of a new child, on valentines day, on mothers day, on fathers day....

You can also gift trees instead of flower bouquets  to your loved ones on special occasions.


  • All the saplings planted will be native / specific to that region and the plantation will take place across various projects in India
  • The planting and maintenance of the trees will be taken care by Godforests
  • The saplings will be planted only during the monsoon season, we will notify you the location once the plantation is complete
  • With every order you will receive an e-certificate in your email id provided as per the name specified during ordering. However if you wish to gift it to someone please let us know the details of the name in which you want the e-certificate.
  • The order once placed cannot be cancelled under any circumstances, and amount will not be refunded.
  • Godforests will maintain the sapling until it is able to sustain itself. In the event if the plant does not survive we will plant a tree totally free of cost.
  • We at Godforests plant the trees mostly in public lands, community places, or in the forests perifaries mainly to increase the green cover and also help the local rural communities with food and fodder
  • The final ownership of the tree does not lie with godforests or even the person who plants the trees, since it will be mostly on public or community land.
  • If you wish to know any other details, please read our FAQ's page or please contact us at planttrees@godforests.com